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Meet the Team behind LNK - Jamie Social Media



Roll at LNK - Advertising via social media / Digital marketing / including video and photography.

Jamie, who has just completed his time as an A level student at one of the local colleges slotted in perfectly just over a year ago. Studying photography most definitely was key to making some changes to our vehicle images and digital marketing presence.

Jamie was selected earlier in the year to take part in one of the Army Cadets RAF projects and learn how to fly a plane. Absolutely amazing opportunity. Super proud. Such a fabulous acheivement for such a young age !!

On a personal bio.

Football Team : Manchester United.

Drinks : Fanta or a Vanilla Latte

Food : Pizza

Film : James Bond

TV : The Grand Tour

Book : Hunger Games

Music : Dance and Indie

Holiday : Florida

If we were to describe Jamie in a superhero, he would have to be our Iron Man.

Of course, these powers include superstrength, the ability to fly, and regenerative life.

Armed with a breakfast sandwich and Kisstory on the wireless, Jamie is always ready to go.

Ironman's weakness include girls relying on technology ... And recharging think these are a perfect description to many teenage boys. Ha ha.