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Meet the Team behind LNK - Paul our Director

#Meet The Team



Role at LNK – Director / General Manager

I think that covers a little bit of everything – during just one day of an average week Paul can switch from buying stock, to some site maintenance to delivery of award winning customer service with a sale !

Over the years Paul has been a jack of all trades, but predominantly within a sales environment from door to door sales of ironing board covers to PVC windows.

Paul has worked within the motor trade for over a decade now – his cheeky Manchester accent and market trader approach is perfect for a used car sales pitch !

On a personal bio :-

Football Team : Manchester United

Food : Not fussy but a Mediterranean Antipasti is the winner

Drink : A few beers to start finished off with a couple of glasses of Malbec

Film : Papillon

Book : A good footballers autobiography

Music : Dance old skool classics

Holiday : Luz – Algarve

If we were to describe Paul in a marvel superhero language we would have to be thinking along the lines of Spiderman Or Quicksilver ?

His energy, durability and stamina runs off an ever ready battery he attacks every task at 100 miles per hour his ability to jet the job done is job done !! He is 100 per cent reliable consistently good in quality performance, trustworthy and honesty.

The weak spot ? Technology ! Paul in his own words is Neanderthal when it comes to 21st century devices Don’t take away his comfort zone he is a pen & paper A4 diary and a good old fashioned telephone call kinda guy ! Although his text message and email skills are improving slowly ( ha ha )