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Safe Winter travel tips – December 2019

L N K Motors 

December is upon us and with it, winter has well and truly arrived. Over the festive period, there will be even more cars on the road delayed in even longer queues as people travel to see family for the holidays. Combined with the threat of snow and ice, it’s no surprise that the RAC report that breakdowns are significantly on the up at this time of year. Being stuck in a broken-down car is never fun, but being prepared can help ease things a little. Once you’ve assembled your emergency winter travel kit of basics such as ice scraper, de-icer, torch with extra batteries, warm clothing, spade, food and drink, you might want to consider adding items from our gadget list to ensure you are suitably equipped should the worse happen.

Driving Apps

There’s an array of apps out there to help make your journey a breeze. Some of our favourites are:

Checking out conditions: Satnav apps that alert you to traffic and road closures are especially handy during winter, with the frequency of both accidents and road closures at this time of year. One that provides you with reliable alternative routes around jams, has a clear layout and voice commands is your best option and the Tom-Tom Go available on IOS and Android fulfils all these requirements.

Need Fuel? Before heading out on a winter journey, ensuring you plenty of fuel in your tank is essential given that you might end up spending more time on the road than planned.

A petrol price app which covers 98% of UK forecourts and a simple tap on your screen will locate the nearest and guide you there. It will even show you the prices of fuel at each petrol station allowing you to select the cheapest available.

The Petrol Prices App (IOS, Android) ticks each box and what’s more, it’s free!

Survival at your fingertips - Even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, from checking the weather to fitting winter tyres, there’s still a chance you could find yourself stuck at the roadside as the snow drifts. Should that happen, you’ll be thankful you’ve downloaded The Offline Survival Manual phone app. This provides tips to help you manage through the night – from how to make a fire to keeping warm in cold conditions - as well as important first aid advice.




Gadgets galore

Electronic Handwarmer - If your fingers still feel like icicles even with gloves on, invest in next level hand-warming tech. Ideal for Raynaud’s sufferers, a re-chargeable handwarmer is portable and compact with a fast heating function and large battery capacity.

This particular model can also be used as a power bank to charge your electric device making it an indispensable piece of gadgetry.


Keeping fully charged - If you’re stranded out on the road it’s crucial to able to be able to easily call family or breakdown services. To prevent communication issues resulting from a low or dead battery, it might be worth updating your phone charger.

The HiGoing Bluetooth Car Adapter and Charger is comprised of two separate pieces. First there is a USB charger, which slots into the 12V socket and can power two devices at once.

It also has a Bluetooth module which enables calls and music to be played through the car’s sound system for up to 10 hours - ideal for entertaining you while you wait for the traffic to clear. This nifty device offers offer a flexible solution for drivers whose vehicle has an auxiliary input but not Bluetooth, and comes with the added extra of two USB charging sockets.


Need a jump start? If your car is getting on a bit, and won't always start first time, the Arteck is a handy little device which will lump your vehicle up to 20 times on a single charge, with heavy duty cables and clamp built in.

It'll also charge all of your portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems, etc, and, if that wasn't enough, it has an ultra-bright LED torch built in.